Family of Four

I got my first cell phone after I got back from my mission … *gasp of horror* … yeah I know …. I’m kind of a late bloomer.  I just really didn’t have a need for a phone up until then.  It never ceases to blow my mind when I see 7,8 and 9 yr olds with cell phones … I guess they have more active social lives than I did at their age (but seriously, what do they have to talk about? … the latest Hannah Montana episode? …. What they got on their spelling quizzes?)   Anyway, what I’m trying to say here is that I don’t really care much about cell phones or having the newest and coolest model  If I can call and text … then I am set for life. 

Recently, we switched over to Sprint and boy did Sprint hook us up.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about our newest little additions to the family.  These phones are pretty fancy … a little too fancy.  Every time I pick it up I feel like I’m holding a newborn baby …. so delicate … I’m afraid I will hurt it.   I feel the need to sew it some little clothes to protect it from the outside elements.   I’m pretty sure this phone is exactly like having a baby.   It talks for heaven’s sake.  It’s a very smart baby.

Clearly, Mitchell is excited about the phone … maybe a little too excited.  The way he looks at … I get a little jealous.  I just can’t compete.


Cradling the baby.


aunt jan said...

Grandparents to cell phones! Ahhh, I wish I could have prepared better for this momentous occasion, at least become a little more techno-savvy. I don't think I'll ever be able to relate to these little darlings. And twins, no less!

Ambrosia said...

I didn't get my first cell phone until I was 25. I lived just fine, but now I can't live without it. I'm addicted. I'm glad to have picked up the addiction a little later then some.

Melayna said...

Love the new phones -- which I hear look QUITE similar to MY new phone, eh? Can't wait to get it! And I'm sorry, I don't think I can call it my baby -- I'm not ready to be a single mother. The stigma, you know??