Space and Smoothies.

Space and smoothies.  That pretty much sums up yesterday.

My dad has been a cute space enthusiast for as long as I can remember.   Big telescope? Yep he’s got one.  Star Trek? Absolutely.   So it didn’t come as a surprise when he invited us to watch Hubble: 3D with him.

Mitchell and I thought we would hit up Jamba on the way (buy one get one free … and we had a gift card … score.)

We came to the conclusion that it is impossible to look cool while sucking on a straw.  Puckered lips …. just not cool.

I am slightly embarrassed by this photo.  I have willingly watched Star Trek many many times.  I am ever so familiar with the Spock emblem.  You wouldn’t believe that by looking at this picture …. apparently I belong to a gang and Mitchell … Mitchell who has never even seen Star Trek … nailed it.  Oh … and by the way …. space is cooool.  My mind was boggled.

My parents are cooler than your parents.


merathon said...

by the way-- loving the scott's tots t-shirt. nice!

aunt jan said...

Amen to that last picture. The definition of cool drips from that frozen frame of parental wonder!