Cubicle Queen

Life #5: Office Girl

Don't let the name plate fool you .... my job isn't that important. I work in a VP's office at Weber State ... it is very glamorous indeed. A typical day at the office includes:

- Fetching the newspaper for thee Mr. Tarbox
- Destroying forests (making oodles of copies)
- Playing mailman (they send all of the weird mail to
our office and I get to decide what lucky soul will get it)
- Babysitting (I stalk the jocks and make sure they go to class)
- Ask Jeeves (people call our office with the most random
questions expecting us to know the answers.

Paper cuts, numb bum, risk of carpal tunnel ... it's a tough job but someones got to do it.


The Dahle Family said...

That is one nice nameplate. You are quite the woman to take being spread so thin so cheerfully!

aunt jan said...

You're worth every penny they're paying you. And you better get more free tickets to make up for what they're not paying you.