santa baby.

 The day we decided to not get the house was kind of a sad one, so I did what I usually do when something sad happens ... hit up a thrift store for treasures.  Without fail, thrift stores turn my frowns upside down.   I walked in and BAM ... this sweet little christmas tree was begging me to bring him home.  My heart grew two sizes and I just couldn't deny him a home. 

We also have a make shift fireplace this year as well ....  crackling noises included.


 In the spirit of healthy eating, we decided to try and healthify the beloved buckeye.  We used chickpeas, peanut butter, honey and some agave ... so the filling was pretty much peanut butter hummus.  I thought they were great, but then again I haven't had a real buckeye in over a year.

We attended Mitchell's work Christmas party Saturday night.  We thought it would be fun to take Winter.  Think again.  The restaurant was incredibly noisy and crowded.  Poor Winter had a major sensory overload.  I spent most of the night walking around with her.  Despite her crying everyone at the restaurant loved her Santa suit.

Winter is a rolling machine.  She rolls from one end of the room to the other exploring.