Party it UP

Mitchell and I discovered something this weekend.....we are in fact, professional theme party planners. Go ahead. Give us a theme. I dare ya. The movie Up came out earlier this month and it was quite clear a party was in demand. My parents hadn't seen it so we decided to throw them a Up party .....okay okay, the title of professional theme party planners might be a bit of a stretch ....

We had pineUPple soda

with some chUPs and dUP

and for dessert ... caramel pUPcorn

So give us a call and we can take care of all your party needs. We even offer discounts for immediate family.


Mirien said...

So funny that you would offer your services. Before I even read this post, Alyssa requested the two of you. Her 16th birthday is coming up and she wants the coolest mystery dinner ever, but "only if Mitchell and Erin can come help." What do you think? Are you free on Dec. 4th?

Erin said...

wow! we are so flattered! you can count us in.

aunt jan said...

Loved the UP party. Any party with this wild and crazy couple is an event to remember. Of course, my famous caramel pUPcorn is a winner too.