Current Events

-  Mitchell and I don't sing. 
And that is the reason why I 
actually laughed out loud when 
we were asked to be the new primary 
choristers. A tag team duo if
you will. We can now do "Head 
Shoulders Knees and Toes" backwards 
and in our sleep.

- I am surprisingly still employed 
with my temp job that was supposed to end around Christmas time.  Knock on wood.  Mitchell recently got a job as an HVAC tech with Whipple.  I love a man in uniform.

- Our neighbors thought it would be
cool to purchase an awesome 
Not so awesome for us.

- Mitchell and I were cursed with a 
curse last week. We had to throw out 
not one but TWO failed attempts at
cinnamon rolls. 

- We had a Chuck Norris Walker 
Texas Ranger birthday party for 
Craig in honor of his Texas mission
departure.  It was complete with a
Chuck Norris face garland and 
homemade fortune cookies filled 
with Chuck Norris jokes.

Mitchell's workplace party was a
breeding ground for bump its. I 
have never seen so many bump its 
all in one place, at one time.
My mouth was 
seriously ajar.

-I scored a really- nice- practically
- brand- new winter coat for $12 at DI. 
  Thrift stores make my heart leap for joy. 
It's the thrill of the hunt I tell you.


The Dahle Family said...

I am shocked. No, not about the bump-its. Not about the coat, although that is awesome. But Mitchell had failed cinnamon roll attempts? What has gotten into the boy? I hope the curse ends soon.

Erin said...

in mitchell's defense ... he tried the impossible ... great tasting whole wheat cinnamon rolls. he failed before he even tried. one of those failure attempts was mine ... after he was so disappointed with his cinnamon rolls i thought i would try to cheer him up with a surprise batch ... my batch was inserted directly into the dumpster.

Marliese said...

Love you guys--I bet the rolls weren't as bad as you say. And you will be beyond fabulous at leading the primary children in song. Really.