Who Disturbed My Slumber …. Party?

Mitchell and I had the honor of hanging out  with two of the coolest blondes we know,

no not Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen but Corinne and Hayley

We had fun going out and pretending to be parents.  When you spend 12 hours with little kids …

they say some of the darndest things …. 

“Is that the way he came?” (Mitchell sneezed really loud and she wanted to know if Mitchell was born that way)

“Why do policemen write tickets?  Why don’t they just do something nice and sell lemonade or something?”

“If there were a medium caesars I would still just pick little caesars”

“I just keep seeing moms with funny pants”

A perfect pizza party in the pleasant park.


THIS my friends is a bad case of a pizza coma.  

The glazed over eyes … the drained energy … the zombie-like state … her little body just couldn’t take any more.

(and yes Mirien … her headband is upside down … don’t ask me how or when that happened … or why I didn’t even notice)


a 25 yr old little kid


park prancing


successful swinging


Mitchell must have had a bad case of static cling … because poor Hayley clung to him the entire time while at The Gateway.   Remind me to use dryer sheets next time.

Random giant shooting geysers to the face must not be her kind of thing.   Weird.


I don’t really understand how getting shot in the rump unexpectedly is much better …. to each their own.







Shepard Corinne and a very deep in thought and reflective Hayley



A fun evening always has to end with a movie.  By the look on their faces you would think we rented “The Shining” … but don’t worry, it was just “Barbie: Fairy Secrets” (scary in a different way).  There were barbies and fairies … barbies turning into fairies … lots of dialog about fashion … two thumbs WAY up in my book.   I smell a Golden Globe.



Candy and root beer floats were eaten,  laughs were shared, teeth were brushed and bed time stories were told.

No one got hurt.  No one cried.  No one was kidnapped.

Operation: Slumber Party was a success.


Maroon, Ivory and Navy

July 4th 2011

Took a spin in my little brother’s “new” 1989 convertible … my hair immediately morphed into a giant rat’s nest … it could have housed 4 families of rats I’m sure.



Fire Fest in my parents backyard … Mitchell and I ended up with some blankets and slept under the stars … it was bliss.



Enjoyed some of Mitchell’s crepes filled with American Pride … I think we ended up consuming one entire strawberry field and a couple blueberry bushes that day …



Made some snazzy drinks …



classic barbeque …



Made my family take this picture … you would have thought I had asked them to run outside in their underwear … its not embarrassing guys.Posterity will thank you for these classic photos.


Spent some time with this adorable human …



Let my slightly crazy/delusional side out to play …



And attempted to get a great shot of the husband and I …

clearly Mitchell LOVES to get his picture taken …