I am in denial.  Winter is indeed 5 months old today, but I don't want to accept it.  Just the other day I realized that I was still trying to shove our extra large five month old into her three month old sleepers.  Poor girl.  It really is blowing my mind how fast life moves.

Trying to get some photos of her was like pulling teeth.  This little girl is always on the move

Feet sucking: it should be considered gross but it is so so darn adorable when she does it.

Still waiting for her hair to show up .... I'm putting money down that it will come in blonde. 

We sure do love this little creature.

I tried the other day to get some photos of Winter and I.  What a joke.  She was interested in everything else but looking at the camera.

Last week we spent Thanksgiving with my brothers Max and Dan.  I don't think I will ever volunteer to make Thanksgiving dinner for a large group.  Just cooking a nice meal for four people was enough for me.  Mitchell and I worked up a sweat trying to get all the food on the table at the same time and still have it be warm.  Props to you moms who have perfected that talent.

Hours of work  ... all for a 20 minute meal

Post feast nap

Winter decided to sleep during all the festivities


Jan Hicken said...

Loved those missionaries watching over Mitchell while he napped.

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

I love your pictures of Winter! The one in the wig is priceless.

Good job with Thanksgiving dinner and good luck with the house search. You'll find the perfect place yet!