Lucky Seven


This little photo session was a disaster.
  I was able to catch seriously one photo of her not trying to escape and runaway. 

The rest of the photo shoot went something like this ....

Winter began attempting to crawl several weeks ago and now she is quiet efficient.  I find her clumsiness quiet endearing. 


She has learned to "clap" and apparently made quiet a few friends in Sunday School last Sunday with this little trick.

Winter has finally caught on to how to eat solids and is now enjoying pears, applesauce, oat cereal and peas. 

 I hate to almost mention this because I feel like I might be cursing this winning streak ...but she has slept through the night for FIVE nights in a row.  *knock on wood*
She will only sleep in her crib or her carseat.  She never just zonks out in my arms or on the floor.

Her favorite toy is easily her pacifier. She doesn't really use it to soothe, but sees it more as just a fun thing to gnaw on. 

She is a pretty serious baby, especially when around strangers.  She rarely gives strangers a smile.  But she does actually smile and laugh contrary to popular belief.

 8 out of 10 times people just assume she is a boy unless she has some bow on her head.  I have just accepted it and don't even bother correcting people anymore.


loveland9 said...

That's why you pierce their ears....and it's so dang cute!

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

I love her pacifier! Way to crawl, eat food, and sleep through the night, Miss Winter!

The Dahle Family said...

Impressive, crawling and clapping already. So advanced. I've never had an early crawler; Mitchell, you must be so proud. It must be that scooter practice...

From the portions of pictures that were willing to load, I see that she is as darling as ever and I'm sure even more so in person!