Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Picture this.  Gorgeous trees with light pink flowers.  Beautiful tulips and daffodils in bloom.   Amazing weather.

Of course I’m going to want to make Winter wear her sheep coat and take some pictures.

Winter, however knows when I want cute pictures and she plots and plans on how to make our photo shoots as painful as possible.  Weird faces, crying, running away, being stubborn …. oh dear.


Our little wolf in sheep’s clothing … but seriously.


_DSC4483edit _DSC4493edit _DSC4505edit

Mitchell and I took our first “hike” of the season.  And when I say hike, I really mean a short trail with absolutely no kind of elevation change whatsoever.  


_DSC4610edit _DSC4617vbw

Mitchell and I both agreed that we feel kind of weird without Winter. 

It just doesn’t feel right when our little monster isn’t at our side.

_DSC4619edit _DSC4621edit

Winter updates:

She loves when we sing primary songs to her

She loves pointing out letters of the alphabet in stores, on license plates, on t-shirts etc.

Petting horses is on her list of favorite things to do

She loves Elmo, Arthur and Curious George.

Shopping used to be fun until she decided that riding in the shopping cart was for babies. 

She has developed a very fake and high pitched laugh

She says “sorry” about 3 bajillion times a day

favorite phrases:

“do ya hear dat?”

“what happened?” – she will throw her food on the floor and then innocently throw that question in my direction

“dood job”

“don’t like it”


And here is another fine example of how much Winter hates it when I break out my camera. 

What a sass-a-frass.



Anita Preece said...

Oh my heck! She is so adorable! What personality. I love it! We miss you! Looks like you are doing well. I am so happy that you updated your blog. I've missed seeing and hearing about your adventures! Love ya,

Sarah Cannon said...

I love stalking you and your blog. Winter is so cute! And smart. I can't remember what my kids were doing at 20-ish months, but I don't think they knew all their letters!