deja vu


We started our house hunting many moons ago.  We have been at it off and on for three years.   Those three years have been filled with numerous bids, inspections, emotional highs and lows …

Well, about a month ago, we thought we had found the one.  It had all of our criteria: big open floor plan, three bedrooms upstairs, a master bathroom, a huge unfinished basement, and it was in a really nice area (literally one mile away from the Oquirrh Mountain temple and Daybreak).  We felt good about it and they accepted our asking price.  We had an inspection done and began making remodeling plans right away.   Mitchell was buying cool tools and I was busy finding sweet deals on the fun stuff - area rugs, curtains, etc and pinning away on pinterest.

Last night we had a fight with our house and broke it off.   Long story short:  there was an architectural issue we thought we could fix.  Turns out we can’t.  We stayed up till midnight last night going over measurements and researching numerous possible solutions.  I cried … and then ate a bowl of cereal.   We even had my uncle who has been in construction/remodeling since the beginning of time come and take a looksie today.  His words, “You better run.”  So we are lacing up our running shoes, doing some stretches and making a break for it.

Heartbroken?  Yep.  Frustrated and disappointed?  You betcha.

Sound familiar?


Are we cursed or something?  Did we unknowingly step on one too many cracks?  I steer clear of black cats and try to stay on the good side of all the voodoo witches I meet.  What gives? 

I spent today kind of moping around and trying to come to grips with reality – I may or may not have shed a couple more tears.

And I felt an awful lot like this:


  After an afternoon nap I felt much better and am able to see the positives that can come from this:

1)  We will be saving mucho $ 

2)  I will still be super close to my beloved thrift stores

3) There will only be one bathroom to clean instead of three

4) We will be 5 minutes away from our birthing center instead of 30 mins, had we moved.

5)  Winter and her new little brother will hopefully form an awesome bond, because now, they will be sharing a room. 

6)  We are happy, healthy and have WAY too much to be grateful for to be sad and grumpy about this situation.


So, for now – we will be giving the whole house hunting thing a break.  I think any house we would look at in the near future would be like a rebound boyfriend … and we all know those are trouble and a waste of time.  I think Mitchell and I will celebrate not spending crazy amounts of money with some ice cream tonight.


Jan Hicken said...

You can pull off that grumpy cat face for only so long. Then you return to optimistic and happy puppy mode. And yes, good things always come to those who wait and are doing the right things.

Ashley said...

Ugh, that STINKS. I would cry too.

Melayna said...

Hey, you guys -- I was so bummed to hear the thumbs-down-on-the-new-house news last week, and then I cried again today for ya when I finally caught up on your blog. So sad... I totally feel your pain -- so frustrating when your good, righteous goals don't come to fruition despite your best efforts, at least not in way/time we'd like them to. Love you guys, and thinking of ya lots!!