survival of the fittest


We survived week one.

I always feel like that is a huge milestone.  The newborn phase is one that I struggle with.  YES I love my babies.  YES I am super grateful to have him.  But let’s face it – adjusting to a newborn’s schedule (or lack of schedule) is hard. 

We had a doctor appointment today and this boy gained weight like a boss.  He was 6 lbs 13 oz when he was born … after one week he is now *drum roll*  … a whopping 7 lbs 5 oz.  I’m crazy ecstatic.  Breastfeeding has been stressful for me considering it just never panned out with Winter.  I ended up pumping for 9 months with her and so this breastfeeding experience is new to me.  Stressing about whether or not he is getting enough … whether or not he is eating too often … whether or not I am drinking enough water and eating enough food … whether or not he has a good latch etc etc ETC.  Yes I’m crazy.  So to hear that he is doing well makes me one happy mama.

Winter is adjusting slowly.  We have been trying to give her oodles and oodles of love and attention so she doesn’t feel threatened by this new arrival.  She is more stubborn, shy, moody and seeks attention.  But boy does she love Forest.   She loves to give him kisses and look at his little hands.  These kids (still trying to get used to saying KIDS in the plural form … WEIRD) make my heart about explode.

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Nancy said...

Good job Erin! Your Kids are so lucky to have you for a mama! Miss you guys.

Anita Preece said...

What a handsome baby boy! Two kids will keep you plenty busy! Hang in here. They are only little for a while.