three months


3 months, say what?!

He is currently still waking up every two hours at night (which is killing me)  As much as I hate it, I smell some sleep training in the near future.   This mama is tired of having a zombie brain.

He is laughing and smiling

We hear he looks like Mitchell all the time … I don’t think I have heard anyone say he looks like me yet. 

He can roll onto his stomach

We are one physical therapy appointment away from being able to say sayonara to torticollis.  *fingers crossed followed by a happy dance*




Winter keeps us laughing daily. 

Every morning she picks out a shirt and shoes to wear and then dresses herself.  No pants.  Ever. 

She likes to pretend her name is Erin or Mitchell and thinks its the funniest thing ever.

Potty training is still a four letter word in our house.

Food staples:  greek yogurt, tomatoes, beans, rice, parmesan cheese, apples, carrots, noodles and goldfish. 

She LOVES nursery and church.   She always yells “Yippeeeee!” when she finds out its Sunday.

Her pajamas are “jammies” and if you call them by any other name you better believe she will passionately correct you.    

She is a huge fan of Dora the Explorer and gets so concerned about the poor animals who need help on the show.

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Anita Preece said...

Oh my gosh! Your children are adorable! I bet they are a lot of fun! Stop by some time. I would love to see you!

erin said...

I would love to see you too Anita! I need to make a trip up to Ogden sometime!