- We have started to follow the Dave Ramsey cash/envelope budget system.  We just started it at the beginning of January and well, I love it.   I love to be able to physically hand someone real cash and not just swipe a card.  It is so easy to go over budget when using plastic. 

- We are still living in the same apartment.  There is a family who is living below us with three kids, so we figure we can make it work with two kids just fine.  At times we feel crammed and trying to have a two year old and a baby who isn’t sleeping at night share a room is a not so funny joke.  (seriously people, any advice on kids sharing a room is more then welcome) Patience is something Heavenly Father wants us to learn I suppose when it comes to the whole house thing, so patience we shall learn.  And until the day we get a house, I will continue to happily live vicariously through my Pinterest boards HAHA.

Food kicks we have been on as of late:

  • two words – Bahn Mi sandwiches.  If you live in Utah, go to the nearest Oh Mai and get yourself a sandwich right now.  Can’t get enough … I’m craving one this very minute.
  • I have become somewhat of a tea hoarder these days.  Licorice tea with a bit of honey has won me over.  

- Mitchell is still in the Young Men’s Presidency in the ward and I am still the primary chorister.  For those of you who have been keeping track (I’m pretty sure the bishop and the primary pres have not), I have been in this calling for over 4 years now.  FOUR years.  Still blows my mind.   I love the primary kids,  so I can’t complain … too much.


Four month stats:

13 lbs 2 oz (7th percentile)

25.9 inches long (80th percentile)


Forest loves to laugh and hands out smiles to just about anyone.

Sleep …. ahhhhh sleep how I miss you.  We tried sleep training and the method that trained Winter in 2 days failed miserably.  So we started again last night and lets just say that there was a 2.5 hour cry fest which resulted in a massive splitting headache for me.   I am hoping and praying tonight goes better … if not,  I will be turning to more Downton Abbey and old Parenthood episodes to help keep me somewhat sane around 2 a.m. 

He is rolling over and is hating it.  He doesn’t like the helpless “beached whale” feeling



Marc and Miriam Deru said...

four years as primary chorister!? that's nuts! guess they're thinking why change a good thing? hang in there with the sleep training somehow. it's the worst... but the best when it works. enjoying your blog as always, thanks erin!

The Dahle Family said...

Yes, Oliver feels your beached whale pain. Up until about a month ago he played so contentedly on the floor. Now his play time is lots of frustrated cries about getting stuck.