high five! … and a half

 Yeah … its actually more like 5 months and 3/4 …. this whole two kid thing is cramping my blogging style.

This boy is a steamroller.  Rolls across the room, banging into any and everything.

He has only had ONE blowout in all 5.75 months of his existence.  TMI?  Maybe.

He has started solids and hasn’t turned down anything yet.  Such a boy.

Sleeping?  Kind of.  He will sleep from 7 –4 one night and then the next night cry for an hour around midnight.  Not so consistent … but it is progress from waking up every 2 hours.  I’ll take it.

He is soooooo cute.  I know all parents think that … but I seriously love just looking at his little face.  His smiles make bad days not so bad.





Feast your eyes on those unders.  Hallllllelujah.

We started potty training (again) with some help from my most wonderful ahhhhmazing mom. 

Mission accomplished.


Winter has a lot going on in the personality department.

Her nursery leaders tell us that she is the mother hen.  She likes to feed the other kids and bring them toys when they are crying.   They also tell us that she is a very confident singer. 

Whenever I tell Winter not to do something or to be careful she will say, “don’t worry, its nuffing.”

She likes to call Forest “her baby” and its pretty darn cute.




Anne said...

Your kids are so very cute and those are some adorable pictures. I love to hear about Winter's big personality.

Anita Preece said...

Winter looks like she has a quite the personality. And Forest, he is just adorable! One of these days, please bring them in to see us!