beating the system.

Mitchell out of town + me by myself = lots of free time.    I never seem to get much accomplished (sewing projects, cleaning etc) when Mitchell is around … because, well, hanging out with Mitchell is just much more fun.   So with Mitchell out of town to a work seminar this weekend I decided to take advantage of my bored state and work on some projects. 

I introduce you to the car seat cover thingy.   I sent a picture of it to Mitchell and he said: “it looks like material from an old throw pillow I would find at DI”   Uhhhh … its cute … its got a vintage vibe … and its not screaming pink.  I guess Mitchell and I will never quite see eye to eye when it comes to style/taste.   He should be grateful I didn’t make something with weird teddy bears, etc on it.

Total cost: $6.00  (yellow fabric on sale at Hancock Fabric and the lining is a sheet from a thrift store.  Cha ching!



I had a co-worker give us a bunch of her old baby stuff …. this wonderful gem included …

ugly boppy

The poor thing (the boppy pillow) could use a face lift.  I am definitely not a good plastic surgeon, so I entrusted the help of my sweet mom.  As we were dissecting this lovely creature we discovered that there wasn’t an actual pillow form under that “cute” material … just a bunch of stuffing …  so that made it slightly more complicated.  But my mom is a genius and with her brains we managed to transform it into this:

please ignore the fact that is hasn’t been ironed yet and it still needs a zipper in the back …

Total cost:  $4.00  (clearance material, this runs around $35 new)  boo ya!


My grandma found this Bumbo seat at a thrift store.  And I love that it is mint green, after all, mint is one of the “it” colors this season.

Total cost:  under $5.00 (compared to the $35 you would pay for it new)


I also found this cute, practically brand new minky blanket at Savers

Total cost:  $1.00 


Boppy … Bumbo … Minky …. who the heck comes up with these names?  Whoever it is … should be fired.  

So overall, I’m proud to say that we are beating the system.  Take that you, expensive- baby –product- making companies. No, I will not be buying your over priced baby stuff.   In. Your. Face.


Mirien said...

I love your carseat cover! And the pillow is lovely--big improvement. And way to score on the chair and the blanket! I agree, those names are ridiculous. You aren't of the "binky" camp, are you?

Gotta love some alone time for finishing projects. Now I know why I never seem to get anything done. Even if Brian's gone, I'm never alone!

Marliese said...

Total scores...all of it. Everything is super cute, yet cheap! Good work on the carseat canopy, the boppy is a nice thing to have, and the minky will be one of your favorites, too. ($1 is a steal--even for a thrift store! I find our local Goodwill way overpriced) Ansley has a blanket that looks just like that (but in a minty green) and she is still obsessed with the now-ragged thing at 3 years old.

You are so prepared! Now you just need the baby...