Hit Me Baby One More Time

Week 37?!  Wha?!?!  This is crazy talk.  Absolute crazy talk. 

I must be getting slightly nervous because I have had several dreams as of late concerning the baby/pregnancy ….

Dream #1:  We had the baby and brought her home, several days later it dawned on me that I hadn’t fed her since we left the hospital.  She never cried … so I never really thought to feed her.   I woke up in a slight panic to say the least. 

Dream #2:  We had the baby … but she came out the size of a 6 month old .. and she could talk … and she was talking and saying weird stuff about Lindsey Lohan.  Yeah, this baby was weird and I was SO relieved to wake up and realize that I was still pregnant and we weren’t stuck with that baby.

Dream #3:  I was in a large group with my mom and she began talking about my weight gain with everyone and she said, “Erin, what are you up to now?  250lbs?”  I was super embarrassed.  I guess, subconsciously this baby weight is worrying me.

Despite all these dreams, I think we are ready for this little creature to make her big debut.  Mitchell asks me everyday if she is “ready” yet … unfortunately I think she has a little more time left in the oven.

I officially retired from work last Friday … super weird.  I have never not worked … so this has been kind of an adjustment.  Sewing, going to the gym, practicing hypnobirthing, thrift store shopping, cleaning and cooking have filled my days this past week.  I’m super grateful for Mitchell who is willing to work hard and bring in the dough.   Love that Mitchell.

The majority of my maternity clothes are getting … snug.  This leaves me with a few options:

1.  wear work out clothes all day

2.  join a nudist colony

3.  invest some $ in some moo-moos

4. Never leave the house

All very appealing options I must say. 

So in summary:  We are ready.  I like to be punctual and often early to events/meetings … I hope she takes after me.  I wouldn’t mind her showing up early to her own birthday party…




merathon said...

i remember having that dream #1 that you had. i asked patrick, "have you been feeding the baby?" and he said, "no, i assumed YOU were!" and then of course freaked out when i realized the baby was a couple months old and we had never fed her...

Mirien said...

Funny. I had dream #1 too! Only Alyssa was about six months old and somehow still alive before I remembered I should have been feeding her all that time! Luckily I was so much more competent in real life than in my dreams.

Anita Preece said...

You crack me up Erin! You look great! I can't wait to meet your baby girl! I loved the facebook picture of your family all pregnant. Take Care!