Ice Ice Baby

Just got home from the Doctor …. word on the street is we will probably NOT be having a baby this week.  Baby has dropped … but zero zip zilch nada in the dilation department.  Mitchell has been having little pep talks with my stomach the last week or so, trying to coax her out, but I guess our little girl isn’t a very good listener. 

So on to 39 weeks we go.


I really hope our little girl gets some of Mitchell’s devilish good looks


We attended a breastfeeding class over the weekend and we hope our baby is a tad bit cuter than this poor little plastic creature.

photo (2)

We celebrated Father’s day with this amazing dad.


And my parents have officially put in their mission papers … we should hear something in the next couple weeks and off they go in September.   Super proud of them.



Franklin Times said...

Can't wait to hear the news about both fun events in the next week or two!

Mirien said...

Just so you know, the doctor told me I wasn't even close and had at least another week because nothing was happening. And Alyssa was born the next day (on her due date). So you never know...

love bug momma said...

SO EXCITED for you guys! There is nothing like the first. :> And I personally love having them too, so don't let anyone tell you their horror stories :> Good luck.

and exciting for your parents!

Marliese said...

Still looking great, Erin! Isn't the anticipation great?? It's a bit unnerving to not know when it will all happen, but the unknown is exciting, too!

And your parents will be fabulous missionaries. Good for them. (cute pic, too...I'm sure that was your doing, Miss Photographer)