The 7 Hour DI Excursion

Thrift stores always seem to get me into trouble.  I have a hard time staying away from them.  Yesterday I was feeling a little anxious and just had to get out of the house … so off I went on a DI adventure in hopes of finding something awesome … but all I got from this DI adventure was this …


Yes.  A lovely hospital ID bracelet. Pretty far from awesome.

No, I didn’t go into labor unfortunately.

Long story short … I was stopped at a light, the light turned green, traffic wasn’t moving but that didn’t stop the lady behind me and BAM.  Apparently green only meant “go” to her, regardless of what traffic was doing.    Everyone kinda freaked out when a very ripe 39 week pregnant lady got out of the car.  They insisted that medics be called … so we had the ambulance and the fire truck come to my rescue, sirens and all.   Slightly embarrassing.   I called my OBGYN and she wanted me to come into the hospital so the baby could be monitored.  So that’s what we did.

Love those hospital potato sack gowns … nothing makes me feel prettier.

photo (2)edit

We were hooked up to the monitor for 5 hours … but it was kinda nice to be able to hear our little girl’s heart for that long and know that she was alright.   I just hope the crash didn’t scare her bad enough that she will now be prolonging her arrival … 


Mitchell decided he better test out his hospital bed since we plan on being back here in about a week or so.

His conclusion:  “No deal on the hospital bed” 


We enjoyed a very lovely gourmet dinner together.  You would think hospitals would be trying to promote healthy foods … nope.  Greasy grilled cheese with a side of fries.  Nice.


Mitchell was so great … and so I rewarded him with my pudding pie. 


The damage:  nothing too bad.  Just an ugly car.


We are incredibly grateful and blessings have been counted:

- the baby is good and my placenta wasn’t hurt in any way.

- the car is totally drivable

- the accident wasn’t my fault therefore our insurance rates won’t be on the rise

Hopefully the next time we post any hospital pictures, they will be of Mitchell and I holding a baby. 



merathon said...

i'm just glad you didn't get stuck in DI for seven hours, which is what i was thinking by the title of the post!

phew that you're okay and the next time you WILL be showing off a beautiful baby!

love bug momma said...

wow! so glad everyone is ok. :>

Marliese said...

Sad story! Sorry you have to deal with all of this...like you didn't have enough to worry about this month. That's a little scary. Glad you're okay!

Mirien said...

Way to tease us with that picture of the hospital bracelet! You had me going for a minute...

Anita Preece said...

I am so glad that you are okay!