The Answer is E

The dam has become a river.

About 6 months ago I graduated from Weber State University.  I had no idea how hard it was going to be to find a job. I just assumed a bachelor’s degree automatically gave me a job.  I applied to countless jobs, had numerous interviews, had several call back interviews … but nothing ever seemed to happen.  I would get so close … and then everything would fall apart.  I began thinking something was wrong with me …. bad breath? B.O.? horrible personality? Do I need to start wearing shorter skirts? …. then I snapped out of it and realized the Lord knew exactly what he was doing … he always does.  So, I stopped worrying.

During those 6 months I had the opportunity to serve in the Young Women’s presidency in our ward  …. which I loved.  After so many job interviews … I felt that the Lord wanted me here in Ogden …. in this ward …. with these young women.  So I stopped looking at jobs that would take me away from Ogden. 

About a week before girl’s camp, I felt that I should just take a look at the “wanted ads” for Salt Lake …. and lo and behold …. there was a job available at a Health and Weight Loss Clinic.  I got a little excited, but tried not to get too excited because by this point disappointment and I had become very familiar friends.  I applied, got called in for an interview and received a call back that evening receiving a job offer.  That call was incredibly bittersweet.  Hallelujah! Finally a job! …. But that call also meant that I would be leaving my current job, leaving my awesome young women that I had come to love so much, leaving our very first apartment, leaving the ward, leaving beautiful and familiar Ogden.  I admit, that I cried for about 1 minute and 25 seconds.

I begin June 28th.  We will be living in Salt Lake City.

Erin is

A. grateful

B. nervous

C. relieved

D. terrified

E. all of the above.

the answer is E.



Marliese said...

No way!!! Congratulations, that is awesome news. Sounds like a cool job...maybe one worth waiting 6 months for? Best of luck with moving and all...wait, can you still come to the reunion?!?

Erin said...

we are working on that ..... it would be pretty lame if i am the ONLY one who won't be there. i wouldn't be able to stay the entire time ....but i'm hoping we can make it work somehow.

The Dahle Family said...

OK, we'll be praying that a way will work out for you to come to the reunion, the more the better--we NEED you here with us!!!

Mirien said...

Listen, Erin-the-girl, it won't be the same without you--please say you can be there! But I'm so happy that this job worked out for you! I understand the mixed emotions and know that this will be a great new adventure for you both. Plus, you'll be closer to us.