When The Moon Hits Your Eye

The day we run out of cool cake ideas will be a very sad day.  Thankfully, Morgan’s birthday was not that day.  

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get someone to give you a free pizza box




The Dahle Family said...

WOW! That's what I say!

Elodie says "the cake is weird because it just looks like a pizza." elodie elodie

Xander wants to know, "What is the olives and pepperoni?" Elodie guessed that the olives are really blueberries. Xander thinks they're cut-up jellybeans. And he thinks the perpperoni is really real. But I think the pepperoni is circles of fruit roll-ups. And Xander gives that cake 2 thumbs up!

You guys are so great!!!

Erin said...


Xander gets 1 point for being right about the olives.

Monette gets 1 point for fruit leather pepperoni

Elodie gets 1 point just for being incredibly cute.