Left…Right….Left, Right, Left.

Mitchell and I went to boot camp this week …. boot camp young women’s style that is … and we both survived to tell the tale.  Mitchell really does deserve a huge trophy with “Best Husband of the Century” engraved upon it.  He agreed to come and hang out with a bunch of girls for 3 days.  What a husband.

The YW 2010 girl’s camp theme for 2010 was ….. drum roll ……………….


We didn’t have any injuries …. no drama ….no wild animal attacks and everyone left smiling and still liking each other …. I think we were victorious.

Ole’ Glory 

craftin it up

rolling 5 billion magazine beads makes people happy




the weather wasn’t our friend

scummy scum scum


The girls decided to braid Mitchell’s hair.


hardcore biker gang


let the boooooooooot camp begin



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Marliese said...

What a party! Those girls are lucky to have you around. Beautiful setting, too...I forget how I miss the mountains.