Erin Fell that Lil’ Champ Might Drive

slightly sacrilegious blog title? perhaps … but it just fits so well.

The rumors are true.  Mitchell and I are no longer Ogden-ites.  We have been cleaning like crazy and taking down van loads to our new location in South Salt Lake all week.  Today was our last Sunday in Ogden and I thought that it might be fun to go around and take some pictures of things we will miss about Ogden before we hit up our Sunday meetings.   Our first stop was the Welcome to Ogden sign. 


After our first picture we hopped in the car, turned the ignition …. silence.   Our dear little 1989 Nissan Sentra has been so incredibly good to us.  We have had him (we refer to him as Lil’ Champ) for almost an entire year and he has never back talked to us or given us any lip.  He has been an excellent addition to the family …. up until today.  His starter had just had enough and he decided to rebel.    We only had one option … find a hill … roll Lil’ Champ down .. and pop the ole’ clutch.  We had a sliiiiiiight problem.  We were hill-less.   We were in dyer need of some speed.  So Mitchell and I rolled up our sleeves and began a pushin’.  Mitchell was pushing along the driver’s side and I took to the back (in our Sunday clothes mind you).  So we got some speed, Mitchell hopped in, popped the clutch and boom-ba-da-bing … Lil’ Champ was resuscitated.  Now, the smart Erin would have realized that when the clutch was released the car would lurch forward a bit … unfortunately the smart Erin was not behind the car pushing today.   The car lurched forward with me still pushing with all my might, mind and strength ….. and BAM.  I face planted it on the asphalt … in a skirt … with a few bystanders watching.  And when I say face plant … I mean FACE PLANT.  Prostrate on the ground with a broken jaw.   I picked up the shattered pieces of my ego and chin, hopped in the car and we were off.  We couldn’t risk parking anywhere but a hill so we just headed over to our old apartment (which is on a hill) to recuperate (since we still had the keys to the old apartment).   Mitchell thought that he had left a bag or two of frozen veggies in the freezer that would work as an ice pack …. all we found was a frozen bottle of jam that we had neglected to pack … frozen jam ice pack it was.

Mitchell is convinced that my last and final push was what put the life back into Champ.  I like to think my chin didn’t die in vain.   Thanks mom and dad for adopting Lil’ Champ for the week and letting us use the Silver Steed (15 yr old grey mini-van)

Battle wound.  Purple heart award here I come.


Marliese said...

I was laughing out loud at that story! But not about your injury, Erin. ouch. Once again...the fun never stops with you two.

Karate Kid (and his mom) would have been proud.

Mirien said...

Ouch, Erin! How I'd love to see that on video. If I didn't know you, I'd think you were just making this stuff up! Hope your first day of work is going well!

The Dahle Family said...

Ohhh, OWWWEEERRR!(Elodie said that the other day when she was helping me in the yard and kept getting pricked by pokey plants, I was trying ot teach her to be tough and not cry about every little poke, and she whipped out with ow-er!) That sounds so painful!! You didn't really break your jaw, did you?

Erin said...

i would pay a small amount of money to be able to have a video of that as well ..... no, not officially broken ... but man did my teeth hurt.

aunt jan said...

One tough cookie. You and the car. A good story to tell for years to come!