Team Jacob

I finally made a decision.  I am on team Jacob.  And I like to wear purpleish/pinkish pants.  For all you who really know me, know whether or not I’m being serious about the whole Jacob/Twilight thing. (However, I am being totally serious about purpleish/pinkish pants ($3 at Savers, boo ya) … and Koli from Biggest Loser apparently enjoys sporting a pink pant every once in a while as well)  Wal-Mart made my day by putting about 1.5 million Twilight shirts on the $1.00 rack.  I had to snatch up a couple, yeah, I said a couple … what’s it to ya?  Thanks to these wonderful shirts … an obsessed Twilight fan is now a feasible costume option for this next Halloween.

Wow … Jacob is really … intense 


Go team Jacob


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Ambrosia said...

I noticed Koli's pants and thought, "Interesting."