Never Trust Used Car Salesmen or Cinnamon Rolls

Used car salesmen and cinnamon rolls have one thing in common.  They are both great liars.   They try to lure you in with their tantalizing aromas and sugary splendor.  They whisper sweet nothings in your ears like,  “Hey, I’m not so bad.”  And then before you know it, they have you right where they want you …. vulnerable and very chubby.  I admit it.  I totally took the bait, hook, line and sinker.  Before I knew it I had downed 3 stupid cinnamon rolls … and when I finally snapped out of my sugar coma I wanted to drop kick the whole pan.  Ohhhh cinnamon rolls I loathe you … and my stomach now loathes you. 

the two faced liar stupid head evil cinnamon roll


The Dahle Family said...

Hmmm, yum. I'd love to be eating that for breakfast right now. Did Mitchell whip those up?

Erin said...

i started the creating process ... and before i knew it .. i was sitting on the couch and mitchell was in the kitchen finishing them .... i just can't keep him out of the kitchen.

Mirien said...

I know the feeling. Nothing like using up all your weekly points in one sitting. I'm trying to think of a yummy dessert to make tonight (it's our annual "teacher dinner") that won't be tempting to me. Haven't figured it out yet.