You Better Watch Your Back Mt. Ogden.

The Mt. Ogden trail is recommended only for those in excellent physical condition and it is estimated that the hike would be an ALL day event.   Yeah, Mitchell and I kind of neglected to read all of the fine print.  Excellent physical condition … pu-lease.  Mitchell and I could easily be fitness models ….  After about 2 hours ( I swear 90% of it was on an incline) we set up camp and had a lovely 1 yr anniversary picnic.   Mt. Ogden, we will be back and we will conquer you.  That’s not a threat …. it’s a promise.

Handsome husband.  Handsome waterfall.

I seriously LOVE to eat snow. Disgusting? Perhaps.  But it is so rewarding when you find that piece of snow that is the perfect ratio of slush and ice.  As we were wandering along the beaten path we came across a beautiful snow drift … unadulterated beautiful snow.  The snow was screaming “Erin, eat me!”  And I did.


Mitchell is a man of many talents.  Precise pita bread shaping is among one of those talents.  Nothing says love like veggie sandwiches on heart bread. 


  The descent.  Mitchell is in fact a mountain goat.  He didn’t slip once.  I, on the other hand, am just a billy goat.  I may or may not have slipped at least 3 times.


Mother Nature sent us a little love

One ring to rule them all.


Hello Ogden.


The Dahle Family said...

Oh, so that's why I dreamt about you two last night--it was your anniversary! The two of you were secretly living in this old man's unfinished basement, without him or anyone else knowing. You didn't want him to know because you were trying to save on rent, and you didn't want anyone else to know because you didn't want them to pity you. Mitchell had rigged up some sort of bed, but there was no bathroom and no door, so you had to crawl in and out of this little basement window into a window well and then climb out.

Somehow, I was the one to discover your secret, and I was appalled at your living conditions. Yet, you both insisted it was fine, that it was just for a little while, and you were begging me not to rat you out.

Hmm, either my dreams are weirder when I'm pregnant or I just remember them more. Last week I dreamt that I was living in a juvenile delinquent facility, in the men's dorm, with some of the men from our ward and one of the sunbeams.

Anyhow, happy anniversary!!!!

Mirien said...

Come to think of it, Monette, has anyone been to Mitchell and Erin's lately? Do we really know where they're living? Hmmm....

Oh, and happy anniversary! I can't belive it's been a year already!

Erin said...

your dream was inspired monette. its all true. ha. i am super excited to have pregnancy dreams. love the weird dreams.

aunt jan said...

Ring with image, cactus heart, billy goat in girl's clothing. Monette, talk about weird dreams...this couple takes the prize. But I love 'em anyway. Happy Anniversary to a special couple.