Moms Smell Like Flowers.

Ahhhh Mother’s Day. Breakfast in bed. Vases of flowers. Homemade cards and gifts. Very fashionable Mother’s Day corsages. Primary song medleys. Horribly cheesy poems/fictional stories about mothers read from the pulpit (yesterday we heard a poem that talked about how mothers have the fragrance of flowers…you’ve got to be kidding me.) What a day. Mitchell and I thought it would be great to make my mom Sunday dinner. To my embarrassment, she pointed out yesterday that this was the first time she has never had to cook dinner on Mother’s Day. Sheesh. What kind of daughter am I? I’m pretty sure I should have the title of “good daughter” ripped off my chest. It’s a good thing I married Mitchell …. I would have been far too intimidated to try to pull off an entire meal for my family. Mitchell whipped out breadsticks, strawberry spinach salad, twice baked potatoes, marinated chicken (for those meat eaters), fresh green beans and chocolate pudding cake like it was nothing. I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture of the feast. Close your eyes and imagine it. It was grand.

I took it upon myself to “decorate” for the event. Face cards are much more entertaining than typical place cards.

What overly excited napkin rings. Dinner is so much more enjoyable when your napkins are so happy to see you.

Moms are the bomb.comThe Queen Bee

Very high tech robo-gloves for gardening.

great things about my mom:

-She is tall, so she is able to serve people in the grocery store as she gets things off the top shelf for them.

- her odd sense of humor

- she is not a selfish shellfish

- she is constantly thinking of others and their needs

- i love her thrifty attitude.

- her love for the temple and the gospel

- her lazy eye that occasionally appears in pictures (ongoing family joke)

- she gives better advice than Dr. Laura.


aunt jan said...

You forgot one thing---I have a daughter who is the hostess with the mostest and extremely photogenic who never has a lazy eye. How does she do that? (Thanks Pook. You are the greatest. And Mitchell, you're right up there too.)

merathon said...

i love your mom too, erin, and i've only ever spent a couple hours with her! mitchell lucked out in the in-law department!

Marliese said...

You are so good to your mama! Those decorations were stylin! Nice spread, too. Good job, guys.