The Rockin’ Schnozes

Our very first annual ward talent show took place last night.  Mitchell and I put together a little band earlier this week and we thought, “what better way to debut our band then at our ward talent show?”  We played a very touching rendition of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 ….. on our nose flutes.  Yes ….. nose flutes.  We were a little concerned due to the fact that Mitchell and I both caught colds … but no amount of phlegm or snot could stop us.   So if  any of you have any upcoming events …. wedding reception, bar mitzvah ….. quinceñera …  feel free to contact us and we would be glad to take care of your party entertainment needs.


We were also asked to bring a treat of some kind.  Mitchell suggested cupcakes …. I suggested Cookie Monster …. and ta da!  I would love to take credit for this cute little idea …. but all I did was type into Google, “creative cupcakes.”  After taking this picture I actually made an audible AWWW-how-cute noise.

Army of Cookie Munching Monsters


Mug Shot


The Dahle Family said...

Elodie said, "Oh, I want to EAT one!" Those are definitely AWWWW-worthy cute! What are the white parts of the eyes?

And we do have an upcoming event for which you may wanna practice up--the family reunion!

Erin said...

white part = white chocolate disks

ohhhhh we are way ahead of you on that one monette. we have about 9 nose flutes so we can create a nose flute orchestra.

The Dahle Family said...

Mitchell, your finger looks so long and delicate in that shot of you with the nose flute. Why didn't I remember that you have long, delicate fingers? Hmmm.

merathon said...

your future kids are going to LOVE you guys-- you will put on the best parties EVER!

Erin said...

i'm pretty sure our future kids will be embarrassed by us

Marliese said...

Hello, coolest aunt and uncle ever. Can my kids come live with you?