Keeping Our Cool

Oh sweet summer how we love you.  Summer = morning hikes, picnics, shorts,  parades, BBQs, sandals, outdoor concerts, long evenings, watermelon …… staggering heat ….. sweat ….. clothes sticking to your back …… okay, so the last few things aren’t so great …. especially if your car is lacking a little thing called air conditioning.   Our car is ever so lacking in that department.  We got our “new” old car about the end of August last year and so we didn’t really get the opportunity to experience the full wrath of the summer heat.  Mitchell and I talked it over and we agreed that we should probably invest in some air conditioning.  We went ahead and made the important purchase a few days ago, and I must say we are quite happy with the results.

We decided to go with the swamp cooler method.   And it only cost us $1.00


Natster said...

Love it! I think I need to invest in this thing too! How are you?

Mirien said...

I think you should have splurged and bought one for each of you