The Cake Line-Up

“….see that ye do not judge wrongfully; for with that same judgment which ye judge ye shall also be judged.”

I was excited every time i got a new submission to the cake contest. All of you did a wonderful job at being creative with the theme and i love all the decorations. I wish i had some great prizes to give out, but alas, i do not. Maybe next time. If anyone wants to make comments on which cake they thought was the funniest, or most creative with the theme, or most creative with the decorations, or best decorated or any other category…. please fill up the comment section.

Since everyone who didn’t participate is a LOSER, it makes all of you cake builders out there WINNERS!

Thanks for making this fun for us, i hope all of you had fun too. And it looks like many of you discovered a talent you never knew you had. Send your friends and see if they can guess which one is yours.

Swimming Pool Cake

“The cake is a swimming pool because people go swimming on labor day.”

swimmingpool1 swimmingpool2

America Works Cake

The Gears that keep America working!


Trailer Park Cake

“Our labors went into buying this trailer, making the monthly payments, doing constant repairs for the four years we lived there, and then most recently into selling it and officially becoming DEBT FREE.”

Manuel Labor Cake

“These diligent laborers, whose hands bring us delicate produce such as these blueberries, often cannot join a Labor Union and enjoy the protection of labor laws and labor holidays such as this one. For migrant workers migrate to follow the produce seasons, and many are not exactly on good terms with the INS. But they too are laborers, and on this Labor Day, I honor them by eating the fruit of their labors.”



Would you like fries with that?


Workaholic Cake

"After a long day of labor, there's nothing I like more than my bed!"


Water Broke Cake

"Uh honey, I think I'm in labor. Crap, I don't have time to finish the cake, this will have to do."


Picnic Cake

"Kissing a man with a beard is a lot like going to a Labor Day picnic. You don't mind going through a little bush to get there!"


Spa Mom Cake

"I don’t know anyone who puts in more selfless time and effort to serving others than my mom. And on this Labors day she deserves a break and a little special treatment."

The Cake is White, Already to Harvest

"If it so be that you should labor, all of your days, and bring but one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of our Father."



Mirien said...

We've been waiting all day for these pictures! Our friend, Will, with no coaching from us, voted for our cake. What can we say. He said it even tasted good. As for me, I'm blown away by the ear of corn, etc. Amazing talent. The hamburgers are cute, too, but I'm not a beef eater. :) And I love the Spa Mom cake--wish I could say it was my own kids who made that for my birthday yesterday! And the bed--so beautiful. So hard to choose. Great job, everyone!

aunt jan said...

How fun! Thanks to all who provided us some exciting moments reviewing the results! It was a thrilling project, M and E. Thanks for dreaming up this whole thing. I vote for........all of them!

The Dahle Family said...

Best real cake decorating: The Bed! Come on, are you a true professional??? WOW!
Cutest: The people on the swimming pool cake. How did you make them?
Most life-like: The Picnic Cake
Most creative/ unusual (as in, I never woulda thought to make a cake like that, ever!): Spa mom
Most architecturally impressive: Trailer Cake
Most patriotic: America Works cake

I was looking forward to this post all day, Mitchell! Thanks for the fun!

Franklin Times said...

My vote goes to the bed cake!! What talent~ what expetise ~ what detail~ simply amazing! :)
My next vote would be Spa Mom, very creative and made me laugh.

Nicole said...

I absolutely love the picnic food. The bed looks very professional but the picnic food makes me want to dig right in.

Lynn said...

I vote for the Bed Cake- and not just because I know who made it.

Sarah said...

Not that the spa mom cake looks remotely edible, but it was by far my favorite. I also really liked the picnic and the water broke cake. That would have been my idea if I were a winner and submitted an entry. But sadly, I'm a loser.

Mirien said...

Monette--The swimming pool people and water are made out of peanut butter playdough. (kinda like Dad's famous PB balls)

aunt jan said...

I just got word that the Water Broke cake was the best tasting cake that baker had ever made. I vote for it because my cake tasted like yuck and I threw it immediately in the trash. Arise and shout for good taste!!!

Mitchell said...

Actually the Spa Mom cake was quite edible. Toss the cucumbers and the rest is all sugar! It was a tribute to our Mothers!!

Glad that there are some others that liked it too! Personally i was most shocked by the bed cake. I'm going to start expecting more out of you.

And the burgers look small, but they are actually normal size, and those look a lot more real than the ones Erin and i made.

And the gears, i'm sure that one tasted great and its not easy getting grey frosting and its really not easy to frost small delicate pieces of cake. Great job.

And really I think everyone did an amazing job. The cakes that tasted best are the ones people just made for something else and then tried to pass off as a labor day cake....

Lorilee said...

What a great contest! I didn't aprticipate this year...but just you wait. I'll be thinking for the eyars to come. I couldn't believe everyone's creativity. All you chefs in the house...I salute you.

merathon said...

i also liked the spa mom cake for it's creativity and it just made me laugh!

i was very impressed with the submissions. alas, i was a loser this year too, as mitchell and erin already know...

Melayna said...

Oops -- how could I forget to check your blog on the big day?? But I gotta say, I haven't read any of the votes cuz wanted to submit my preferences with an unbiased mind. This is serious stuff . . . So all of 'em were great, but I don't believe in everyone getting an award unless we're dealing with 8-year-old cub scouts or something. :-) So here's the four that WOW'd me, in no particular order --

The Perfect Pool Party -- Those little swimmers were DARLING. What vision! What talent!

League of Their Own -- That bed cake was no amateur attempt. Who let the pros in this-here competition?? Feel free to quit your day job, cuz you got a little money-makin' talent, there . . .

Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing, Baby -- That picnic combo platter was so realistic! Looks like they picked that ear of corn from the garden for the competition . . . :-)

The Mrs. Doubtfire -- Loved the Spa Mom cake -- it made me giggle out loud when I saw it, and that's tough to do. Didn't it remind you of that whipped cream/cold cream scene in Mrs. Doubtfire?? The face shape is a tad manly, too, with those substantial jowels . . .

So, great job, everyone! That was so fun! Next year, Columbus Day bake-off. There's plenty of random holidays to keep this going for years . . .