Life Isn't Fair

Fields of colorful cotton candy, clowns on stilts, fire breathers, contortionists, magicians, ring toss, whack-a-mole, guess my weight booth, 20 foot long snakes, tutus, puppets, fortune tellers, live music, monkeys, animals wearing clothes, pie eating contests, belly dancers, bearded women, and free rides. This was the fair of our dreams. I'm sad to say the Utah State Fair was not this fair. I really wish I could say that the fair was amazing .... but I would be lying. However, we did not let the disappointment dampen our spirits.

700 lbs of dancing butta' cows = 2, 268,000 calories
A couple of sour apples

He thought he would give the prize chicken a run for his money ....

Best of Show
sheep suit

Riding off into the sunset
The fairgrounds in all her glory
double dating it up
The fair skyline

Fairground food is made for the rich and famous so we opted for the value menu at Taco Bell ... and I must add, that my Mom and Dad's last meal at Taco Bell was while they were dating at BYU ... that's ≈ 30 yrs ago. We were proud to reunite them with this celestial food.


loveland9 said...

30 years of no taco bell? That's just not right.

Haven't been to a state fair before.

Lorilee said...

I loved the picture of the Fair in the sillouette.

Taco Bell...are you kidding me? We go the Fair just for the food. How silly you all are.

Natster said...

love it!
Oh... and I think I will have to admit that I have shamefully withdrawn from the cake contest.My partner (Clint, or "he who must not be named") has abandoned me in my time of need. I can't take all the pressure by myself. I have lost all hope of creativity and ingenuity.
Alas- I am ashamed and devastated. That's all.

Erin said...

funnel cake = $6.00
pretzel w/ cheese = $3.50

fresco bean burrito
from Taco Bell = $0.99

Burrito wins by a landslide!!!!

aunt jan said...

Dave Ramsay would be proud of you. "Beans and rice, rice and beans." And who wants a 5,000 calorie funnel cake anyway??

Erin said...

i wouldn't mind a small bite .........