The Land of the Free

It all began when I read a magazine article about a woman who visited make up counters in various department stores to try to pick up free samples. She ended up receiving enough foundation, powder, lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow and blush to last her an entire month.... and we aren't talking Cover Girl or Maybelline.... we are talking classy make up like Clinique, Estee Lauder and Lacome. All my life I have avoided making eye contact with the make up counter girls .... and now I was heading right into the thick of it. I guess those girls can smell a mooooocher a mile away because they didn't take my bait. I guess I need to look the part of a serious buyer .... maybe it was my holey jeans or my dishevled hair ... or the fact that I wasn't even wearing makeup.......... oh well. So I decided to take a different route in order to get free stuff. Slickdeals.net.

-8 oz Juicy Juice water bottle
-Nutrish dog food
- one roll of extra soft Scott bathroom tissue
- one Oxy face cleansing cloth
- Fiber One granola
- 3 Tampax tampons
- Jergens shimmering body wash
- Boss perfurme
- package of Scott wet wipes
- one stayfree sanitary napkin

Total cost ....... $0.00
That's right boys and girls. FREE.


aunt jan said...

What some people won't do for kicks and giggles....

Erin said...

i also got a sample of Total blueberry pomegranate yesterday ... which i endorse ....and a diaper.

aunt jan said...

Next you need to send off for Depends....

Lorilee said...

You are so funny. Perhaps you can start sending things my way.