The Joy of Fatherhood

Erin and I were quite proud of the cake we made, it was almost like being parents. We put so much thought and care into making it and we were so proud to see the way it turned out. It seems like only yesterday we were taking it out of the oven, they get decorated so fast.

Then we became even more proud of all you proud cake builders out there. There were some real big surprises. If any of you missed the official CakeOff challenge check it out here. As per the rules I established you still have time to make a cake and submit it to me by Sunday the 13th. And then you can partake in the joy that is cake father/mother hood.

If you need help with ideas Erin and I have a ton of creative ones that we didn't end up using. And if you don't bake a cake please come back and at least place your votes. Thanks.

And "Natster" i am officially calling you out. You have not yet submitted a cake and your comment you left August 15, 2009 at 10:16 AM made it seem like it would be a done deal. If I don't see a cake from you I will be extremely disappointed.

If you don't make a cake you're going to have to deal with her.


The Dahle Family said...

I can hardly wait to see your baby! Do you think I'll know it's yours when I see it? Can you tell its Mitchell and Erin offspring?

Natster said...

Thanks for calling me out. :) I needed the kick in the ba-hooty. ha ha ha...
Long weekends tend to make me....how do I say.... a little slothful in my actions.

aunt jan said...

OOOHHH, I didn't know I was grandmother to a baby cake!! How exciting. I'll be knitting the booties. One foot or two??

Erin said...

booties are a no go ... maybe a scarf