Labor Day Challenge

Labor day is coming up (September 7th) and I'm going celebrate it right this year. I present to you, the first ever that i know of, Labor Day Cake Off. And if you're reading this then you are officially invited to join in on the fun.

1. Create a Labor Day themed cake
2. Everything on the cake must be edible, no toys or buttons etc...
3. You must submit pictures of this creation to me at mitchellfillmore@gmail.com after the 8th of September and before the 13th.
4. Be creative
5. If you get so creative that it isn't immediately apparent it has anything to do with labor day, please send the explanation with your cake picture submission and it will be included as a caption.

I will post the results on the 14th with pictures of every entry i get and not say whose is whose and I will put a poll on the page where people can come and vote. Erin and I will have made our cake before the 7th so don't worry about us stealing your ideas. Then you can all put links on your blogs encouraging your friends to come and vote too. This should be a lot of fun, if any of you want to submit more than one or tell your friends to join in on the fun .... feel free.

So start planning now and i'm thinking there will be prizes. If anyone wants to donate something as a prize that would be awesome.


Rachael said...

Count us in! We've already started brainstorming some awesome ideas... You better bring it if you want to beat us!

Natster said...


aunt jan said...

I can't sleep at night with all the plotting and planning...

loveland9 said...

I'm sure to win!