This Relationship is Over

I broke up with my hair stylist. It was hard to do, we have been together now for about 3 years and have been through a lot. I have come to grips with the fact that I won't be able to afford my ex- hair stylist for quite a while ... probably never, which is completely fine. So I take what I can afford ..... and price usually = quality. Hair isn't everything right?
I have a small celebrity crush on Rhianna. I'm slightly obsessed with her hair and I was sure this was what I wanted. I even took this picture to the salon.

When I showed the stylist the picture..... Quote: " I don't think this will look good on you." - hair stylist. What the heck?! So I ended up with this boring bob. Where are the jagged angles and the adventurous asymmetrical lines? My request was denied. Oh well. Better luck next time.

Creepy Smile

Mitchell trimmed his ethnic mane a while back.

This hair style is such a toss up: the fro style screams party animal while the side part adds a bit of refined gentleman to it all.

shear time

the end product.


Mirien said...

I thought you were going to say that Mitchell cut your hair! Maybe he'd have gotten the angles right. But I still think it looks great--you've got good hair. On an unrelated note, this is what I heard from Corinne in the backseat today: "Jillian, don't you think that Aunt Erin is so nice?"

loveland9 said...

Holy crap, you married Napolean! LOL

As for your new do, I'm with you. Not quite Rhianna. Was that your old stylist that did it? I've got a great girl if you want to come down. :)

The after picture is awesome. Love you both, or I will some day after our reunion.

aunt jan said...

I don't think I've ever seen Mitchell with his fro hair.....wow, I mean, wow. And I thought I knew you. But I still like you, even with the side part. Is that Barb-ish enough for you?? love you both, in spite of your hair. lol

The Dahle Family said...

Hair is definitely not everything. Especially when you've got a smile like that. Who's gonna notice your hair. That smile seriously made me giggle.

Marliese said...

Cute hair, sorry your stylist wasn't "cutting edge" enough for you...haha.

And did you realize, Erin, that your shirt/s in the before hair pic totallly match your blog background? same color scheme. nice.

Erin said...

Tonia: i had some weird random lady (she had some bad hair herself so i immediately knew i was in trouble) cut my hair this time for cheap because i can't afford my ex-stylist anymore.... and i'm pretty sure i wouldn't be able to afford your stylist either. ha.

Mirien: mitchell has wanted to be my hair stylist for some time now ... we shall have to see about that. i'm sure he will end up cutting my hair at some point during our marriage. i told him i would put him through beauty school if he wanted. i know deep down he has a whole lot of hair stylist sass inside of him. he would be excellent.

Marliese: ha ha i didn't notice the color coordination i had going on. i promise i'm not THAT detail oriented.

Monette: glad you enjoyed my creepy smile.

Lorilee said...

Oh my word! You hair troubles are killing me. Killing me softly however.