And the Bronze Goes to ..... Ogden

I don't get it. I just don't get it. Generous Ogdenites give back to the city by doing what? By donating lovely bronze children of course. These bronze bundles of joy can be found scattered around the city for all to enjoy. You might have thought that I was exaggerating a little bit on our last post when I said, "Ogden has a plethora of bronze children." Mitchell and I spent part of our Friday night hunting children....bronze children. Just try and guess how many we sited in just one hours time.

Respect your elders

Erin is not a ballerina
She was taking too long

Bronze bobsled team
Strange. I never got my turn
We want a pitcher not a belly itcher

big brother
Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse .... Ogden had to throw in these horses, painted by local artists. There are some real doozies. Trust me.

Side saddle

We have some pranksters in Ogden .....

Then we came across this beauty to behold ..... Union Station: an old train station from the 1890s

No bronze children were harmed in the making of this post


merathon said...

the tandem one is my favorite-- it looks like you're floating! you got a couple nice sunbursts too. we've got a few bronze children out here too, so when you come visit, we'll have to hunt them down to add to your collection.

Maegan and Dan said...

hahahahah! this is hilarious! so, funny story about the bronze children..... one of my first dates was going around 25th street finding all the bronze sculptures that were displayed in a picture scavanger hunt! it was great. i might have to dig them up and post them to provide proof that those strange bronze children were a significant part of my young adult life. i'll work on that. i have a little more free time now that we are done with MER. looks like you are enjoying your free time as well!

aunt jan said...

You two could leave a bronze cake to Ogden and be immortalized....

Marliese said...

I can't believe this plethora!!! That is quite excessive and obsessive. But makes for some very funny pictures and blog posts.