Jubilant Jillian Jumping for Joy

Today we journeyed down south to my niece's Baptism. We are so proud of you Jillian, and you looked beautiful!! Thanks for inviting us and allowing us to participate.

Afterward we had fun with the family and hung out there for a bit. I'm not too far from them but still don't see them as much as I'd like to. I love you guys.


Milan said...

Congratulations to Jillian! Welcome to the best church in the universe!

Mirien said...

We're so glad you and Erin came! It's a little lonely here in Utah these days on the Fillmore front--just me and you, Mitch. And Erin, thanks again for playing the piano on short notice! We got to see you guys two weekends in a row--lucky us--and we made the blog both times. Really makes us feel special--thanks. And BTW, Melayna commented on my blog!! I am so touched I don't know what to say.