It's the most wonderful time of the year .... my dear mother's birthday. She usually likes to celebrate her birthday over a span of a week... so the festivities began on Sunday.

This cake is kind of an inside joke ... it's a lazy eye. Our creative cakes usually look pretty cool, but don't win any awards in the taste department. We decided this go around we would make a cool cake that not only looked awesome but tasted amazing as well. Mitchell made this "to die for" cake. My grandma ranted and raved about it. Score.

This ice cream cake had to have weighed at least ten pounds. It consisted of multiple layers: oreo, butterfinger, chocolate sauce, peanut butter cookie and brownie. The bulk of the cake was 2.5 cartons of ice cream. Each sliver of cake must have had at least 900 calories, no joke. My small slice gave me diabetes.

She luved it with all her heart

She thought she could produce a lazy eye on purpose. Failed.

Her favorite candy bar

Another inside joke

Barb Sauce: Mitchell picked out the spicy honey just for her. She is sweet and spicy

I'm so sad this picture turned out blurry. We figured since she is now a senior citizen, she should start dressing like one ..... we present to you.... GRANNY PANTIES! She was shocked and apalled.

My grandma came up for the weekend and gave my mom this very vogue necklace.
This is the absent minded model look

Only my mom could get this excited about a pair of gardening gloves.

Happy Birthday Mom!


Mitchell said...

Happy Birthday Jan!! Was that the best party of your life or what??

And the cake looked even better in person.... Is there any left??

The Dahle Family said...

I dibs being that cute when I'm a senior citizen. And I thought the cake looked like a fairly normal size until the picture of her holding it. That was one large cake, my friends. I commend you on that one.

aunt jan said...

This was "to die for eyeball cake." I'm eating it as fast as I can. Only two pieces today....I love gardening gloves, granny panties, Symphony bars, but most of all my darling family who makes it the best birth-week ever! hugs and kisses!

Nancy and Craig said...

My mom does that lazy eye thing too- weird! Great job on the cake and happy B-day Jan!

Erin said...

The laaaaazy eye is her signature move

loveland9 said...

Sometimes I think I'm her daughter. I love that she's kooky! She's the best!!

Lorilee said...

Where do you come up with these things. I would have loved living in the same town as you guys. Both you and your mom should share a talk show. I know a bazillion people would watch it. I'd in fact be your number one fan.