Oregon Trail

I used to travel weekly when Erin and I were dating, but I was able to switch to a more at home position. So it was fun to be on the road again, and even more fun that it wasn't a business trip. My brother got married up in Portland, Oregon this weekend. The majority of my family made the trek up to the northwest a day early and we spent the day exploring the Oregon coast and ended up in seafood restaurant on a random boardwalk. It was great fun being with my family and seeing a new place, but I really missed Erin back home. I hope next time we will be able to go together.

After being at the beach a while, the tide finally went down and there were some amazing tide-pools with hundreds of starfish and sea anemones.

I found one that was nice enough to pose with me in a picture.

I wasn't exactly dressed for the beach.... that is called Haystack Rock in the background, does it look familiar?
He was having fun until he realized he couldn't get out.

The newest addition to the Fillmore family....

We miss Marliese


Marliese said...

Thanks for posting these so quickly, Mitchell!! So I can see what I'm missing. What a fun time--I love that picture with the starfish.

I also like the sibling shot after the wedding. You guys make a good-looking bunch. Wish I were there!

Erin said...

ditto marliese. d.i.t.t.o.