Frolicking at 56

Once there was a woman who was quite the foxy dame.
She thought celebrating her birthday on just one day was lame.
So she proclaimed, "My birthday will last an entire week!
And if you've got a problem with that, too bad ya' freak."

Yesterday was my mom's real birthday, so we thought we would sneak over and stick these cool jello jiggler thingys to her window. The best part about it, those letters only cost $.50 at Carl's Supersaver. Cha-ching.
My dad happened to be out of town this week for business, but he made sure he had his bases covered with some flowers. Mitchell and I love the arm shelf pose she has going.

Wearing Granny Janny's glasses.

The celebration was getting a little stale, so we thought we would have a birthday photo shoot.

still frolicking at the age of 56
This picture sums up the kind of relationship my mom and Mitchell have together
Samurai warrior princess
You lost something there Mitchell


Milan said...

I had no idea I had a sister-in-law that knew the jump kick. I've been working on it for years but with no success. I envy you...

The Dahle Family said...

Wow. I am impressed with both the jump skills and the taking pictures of people in midair with no bluriness skills. If only we lived closer to you guys, I'd sign Xander up for lessons with you. When I asked Xander, "How did he do that?" He said simply, "with his skills." Again, wow.

Franklin Times said...

Hilarious! I love it. Great pics in mid air.. very matrix like.

Lorilee said...

I have got to read your blog every day. I can not stop laughing. Where have you been my whole life. Oh ya, you were only born a decade after me. You are so hilarious!