A Lot of Hot Air

Hot air balloons are officially on my uncool list as of yesterday. Yesterday marked our second attempt (within a month time frame) at attending a hot air balloon festival .... the first one was canceled due mother nature.

This one happened to be on Antelooooooope Island

Balloons began growing before our eyes and magical indeed it was

(Mitchell, my friend Seara, and her boyfriend Keith watching in awe)

Fill er' up

The balloons appeared to be up and ready ... then they slowly began to melt and shrink. They were taking them down! Someone sneezed and due to the wind that was produced, the festival was canceled. Okay, I might be exaggerating a little, but seriously I swear there might have been a 1 m.p.h wind....my hair wasn't even moving. So temperamental.

Hot air balloons ... psh. So overrated.


The Dahle Family said...

Wimps! Getting blown off course is the whole adventure of it!

Church Family said...

Evan and I went to one in Sandy last month. We woke up really early which wouldn't have been necessary because they weren't even inflated when we arrived. A few of them actually lifted off, and sailed out of sight before the winds changed. Suddenly, the rest of the pilots deflated and packed up. Made me wonder what happened to the ones that got away. But then Brian and I went back at night, to see them all lit up in the dark--that was cool.

Erin said...

We were definitely cursed by the greek god of ballooning this month.