Team Jacob

I finally made a decision.  I am on team Jacob.  And I like to wear purpleish/pinkish pants.  For all you who really know me, know whether or not I’m being serious about the whole Jacob/Twilight thing. (However, I am being totally serious about purpleish/pinkish pants ($3 at Savers, boo ya) … and Koli from Biggest Loser apparently enjoys sporting a pink pant every once in a while as well)  Wal-Mart made my day by putting about 1.5 million Twilight shirts on the $1.00 rack.  I had to snatch up a couple, yeah, I said a couple … what’s it to ya?  Thanks to these wonderful shirts … an obsessed Twilight fan is now a feasible costume option for this next Halloween.

Wow … Jacob is really … intense 


Go team Jacob



Never Trust Used Car Salesmen or Cinnamon Rolls

Used car salesmen and cinnamon rolls have one thing in common.  They are both great liars.   They try to lure you in with their tantalizing aromas and sugary splendor.  They whisper sweet nothings in your ears like,  “Hey, I’m not so bad.”  And then before you know it, they have you right where they want you …. vulnerable and very chubby.  I admit it.  I totally took the bait, hook, line and sinker.  Before I knew it I had downed 3 stupid cinnamon rolls … and when I finally snapped out of my sugar coma I wanted to drop kick the whole pan.  Ohhhh cinnamon rolls I loathe you … and my stomach now loathes you. 

the two faced liar stupid head evil cinnamon roll


The Rockin’ Schnozes

Our very first annual ward talent show took place last night.  Mitchell and I put together a little band earlier this week and we thought, “what better way to debut our band then at our ward talent show?”  We played a very touching rendition of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 ….. on our nose flutes.  Yes ….. nose flutes.  We were a little concerned due to the fact that Mitchell and I both caught colds … but no amount of phlegm or snot could stop us.   So if  any of you have any upcoming events …. wedding reception, bar mitzvah ….. quinceƱera …  feel free to contact us and we would be glad to take care of your party entertainment needs.


We were also asked to bring a treat of some kind.  Mitchell suggested cupcakes …. I suggested Cookie Monster …. and ta da!  I would love to take credit for this cute little idea …. but all I did was type into Google, “creative cupcakes.”  After taking this picture I actually made an audible AWWW-how-cute noise.

Army of Cookie Munching Monsters


Mug Shot


Keeping Our Cool

Oh sweet summer how we love you.  Summer = morning hikes, picnics, shorts,  parades, BBQs, sandals, outdoor concerts, long evenings, watermelon …… staggering heat ….. sweat ….. clothes sticking to your back …… okay, so the last few things aren’t so great …. especially if your car is lacking a little thing called air conditioning.   Our car is ever so lacking in that department.  We got our “new” old car about the end of August last year and so we didn’t really get the opportunity to experience the full wrath of the summer heat.  Mitchell and I talked it over and we agreed that we should probably invest in some air conditioning.  We went ahead and made the important purchase a few days ago, and I must say we are quite happy with the results.

We decided to go with the swamp cooler method.   And it only cost us $1.00


Moms Smell Like Flowers.

Ahhhh Mother’s Day. Breakfast in bed. Vases of flowers. Homemade cards and gifts. Very fashionable Mother’s Day corsages. Primary song medleys. Horribly cheesy poems/fictional stories about mothers read from the pulpit (yesterday we heard a poem that talked about how mothers have the fragrance of flowers…you’ve got to be kidding me.) What a day. Mitchell and I thought it would be great to make my mom Sunday dinner. To my embarrassment, she pointed out yesterday that this was the first time she has never had to cook dinner on Mother’s Day. Sheesh. What kind of daughter am I? I’m pretty sure I should have the title of “good daughter” ripped off my chest. It’s a good thing I married Mitchell …. I would have been far too intimidated to try to pull off an entire meal for my family. Mitchell whipped out breadsticks, strawberry spinach salad, twice baked potatoes, marinated chicken (for those meat eaters), fresh green beans and chocolate pudding cake like it was nothing. I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture of the feast. Close your eyes and imagine it. It was grand.

I took it upon myself to “decorate” for the event. Face cards are much more entertaining than typical place cards.

What overly excited napkin rings. Dinner is so much more enjoyable when your napkins are so happy to see you.

Moms are the bomb.comThe Queen Bee

Very high tech robo-gloves for gardening.

great things about my mom:

-She is tall, so she is able to serve people in the grocery store as she gets things off the top shelf for them.

- her odd sense of humor

- she is not a selfish shellfish

- she is constantly thinking of others and their needs

- i love her thrifty attitude.

- her love for the temple and the gospel

- her lazy eye that occasionally appears in pictures (ongoing family joke)

- she gives better advice than Dr. Laura.


You Better Watch Your Back Mt. Ogden.

The Mt. Ogden trail is recommended only for those in excellent physical condition and it is estimated that the hike would be an ALL day event.   Yeah, Mitchell and I kind of neglected to read all of the fine print.  Excellent physical condition … pu-lease.  Mitchell and I could easily be fitness models ….  After about 2 hours ( I swear 90% of it was on an incline) we set up camp and had a lovely 1 yr anniversary picnic.   Mt. Ogden, we will be back and we will conquer you.  That’s not a threat …. it’s a promise.

Handsome husband.  Handsome waterfall.

I seriously LOVE to eat snow. Disgusting? Perhaps.  But it is so rewarding when you find that piece of snow that is the perfect ratio of slush and ice.  As we were wandering along the beaten path we came across a beautiful snow drift … unadulterated beautiful snow.  The snow was screaming “Erin, eat me!”  And I did.


Mitchell is a man of many talents.  Precise pita bread shaping is among one of those talents.  Nothing says love like veggie sandwiches on heart bread. 


  The descent.  Mitchell is in fact a mountain goat.  He didn’t slip once.  I, on the other hand, am just a billy goat.  I may or may not have slipped at least 3 times.


Mother Nature sent us a little love

One ring to rule them all.


Hello Ogden.


Thank You Reams.

I have seriously not laughed this hard in public in a long long time.   Mitchell and I went on an adventure yesterday and somehow ended up in Reams.  And boy am I glad we did.   We were wandering past the cowboy attire when some tiny plastic children’s chairs caught Mitchell’s attention.  Why they caught his attention …. I’m not sure … maybe it was the flashy colors.   Mitchell picked one up, put it on the floor and then to my horror, he began lowering his bottom to sit in it.   I looked at the seat of the chair and then at Mitchell’s bottom … I did some calculations … and Mitchell’s rump was not going to fit.  I turned and winced as Mitchell let his body weight rest on the chair.  As I turned back around my eyes beheld Mitchell sitting on the floor with the poor plastic chair broken beneath him.  Mitchell was so embarrassed that he fled the scene immediately and left me to explain the disaster.  To our dismay, those stupid little chairs cost $5.00.  I explained the fiasco to the cashier.  She took one look at the chair and said, “I don’t think we have ever had that happen before.”  So she called over the manager, he laughed and we were off the hook.  I am kind of sad I didn’t get to take a picture of Mitchell and his poor plastic victim.  I would like to thank Reams and my husband for yesterday’s excellent entertainment.

plastic chair