And Then There Was One

The other day i stumbled upon a program i had got a while back that takes two faces and makes them into one. Its pretty impressive the quality of the face but also quite scary. We took some pictures yesterday of Erin's parents and her brother and then I had a little fun with them. The glasses are best merged with another face with glasses, and toothy smiles are best merged with other toothy smiles. Here is what we came up with..... These are all 50% of each person, you can see the facial features are a mix of both people and everything else you can see as semi-transparent layers on top of each other.... ENJOY!

Erin and I, from our wedding pictures

Erin and I from the ones taken last night.

Steve and Jan.... this one is probably my favorite

Erin and her Mother

Craig and his Mother

If any of you would like me to combine your pictures just send me an email with some pictures taken head on with a neutral wall as a background.


Erin said...

I should have worn Depends when I viewed this post

aunt jan said...

"Jan/Steve" is the kind of person anyone would want to be friends with! What a special, non-threatening,over-the-hill, bespeckled, pearl-wearing, wrinkly, jumble of fun! Hey, and isn't that Craig/Jan the cutest! Dang, I didn't know Craig and I looked so much alike....

Mirien said...

Those pix are so funny! "Steve/Jan is my favorite, too! Good thing your in-laws have a sense of humor, Mitch!

merathon said...

i agree-- Steve/Jan takes the cake!