Uncultured Swine

If free food were a song, it would be music to our ears. An artistically inclined couple in the ward announced that their work would be displayed at the Ogden Eccles Community Art Center.... but what got us really excited was the fact that the event would be catered. Mitchell and I showed up with one goal in mind, not to necessarily enjoy the art but to score a free dinner. We went, we saw, we conquered.

Super cool, old mansion they have turned into the art center

Art junkies

I am kicking myself because I didn't get any pictures of Mitchell attempting to squeeze himself between the two kiddos. His dismount was even better... it involved him falling backwards off the bench while a crowd from the artsy community watched in shock. Oh how I love my Mitchell


aunt jan said...

The artsy community is appalled by your non-artsy lack of bronze statue etiquette. We'll forgive you this time and still love you:)

Nancy and Craig said...

Sounds like a fun date. I love that he's resting his arm on the bronze girl's head:)