Would You Like to Supersize That?

My brother Max, has been in Spain and Italy for the past 7 weeks or so. Mitchell and I thought it would be fun to get together and throw a little welcome back party for him....we could get together, have some quality bonding time, eat food, and look at some Europe pics. We thought we would welcome Max home with some American food ... and what could be more American than McDonalds?

But you might want to take a closer look ...

Those aren't just any ordinary burgers ... those burgers consist of cupcakes, brownies, icing and a few sesame seeds to top it off. We made sugar cookies and cut them to look like french fries. I even had the audacity to walk into McDonald's and ask them for some containers. They were a little suspicious to say the least.

I know a lot of you may be thinking ... bread, Sasquatch cakes ... and now cupcake hamburgers?! I promise you we don't just sit around all day and bake ... we do hold jobs and go to school.

Max may not look too impressed but trust me, he was downright giddy with delight

Mitchell conquering the Big Mac

I would like to give credit to Bakerella for this creative masterpiece.


made sweet said...

oh my amazing!!!

when i saw these on bakerella i thought they were the coolest things ever....but then i thought that i could never actually do them. they look way hard. so, nice work. :)

aunt jan said...

They were even better than they look in the pictures. Such cute little guys that you hardly dared put your choppers into them. But they came, and we conquered. And yes, Max was very impressed. Thanks E and M for the fun night!

loveland9 said...

Those are awesome. I thought they were those mini burgers you can order now. I'm glad that you pointed out you have a life besides cooking. I was wondering. lol

very cool!

Mirien said...

Mitchell eating a hamburger??? Never thought I'd see the day. Those are so cute, Erin! How about making 100 of them for the reunion next week?

Franklin Times said...

Hi Erin,
Heard about your blog, and have been following it. Have to say, I love it. It looks like you and Mitchell are enjoying life together, as it should be! So happy for you, and I never knew how much of your mom you had in you! I see girls camp calling coming your way.

Marliese said...

Tessa's words, "I love those hamburgers and french fries. The first second I saw them, I thought they were real!" Okay now she wants to type... "I lookt moor kafuly I nodist It was fak. It was a cupcace and beroneys and ising." You guys are good!

Ashlee said...

Oh my heck! Those are so awesome! I can't wait to go somewhere cool and see what you come up with for me!!!