Aruba, Jamaica oooo I wanna take ya

I work from the luxury of my home. Which isn't bad, its just that my living room, family room, front room, entry way, theater room, and office are all the same room. For those loyal readers out there who aren't yet familiar with my line of work, i work for the worlds largest drapery installation company (at least as far as we know). We fly people all over to install drapes in hotels, hospitals, timeshare condos and even some military barracks. I used to enjoy the life of a traveling draper, but moved up to the head IT guy about 6 months ago.

Well yesterday my boss and I were chatting about the jobs coming up and I mentioned I had never been anywhere cool when i traveled. (We frequently have jobs in Hawaii, and Mexico, Virgin Islands and the nicest spot I've been is Panama City... Florida... in December). He then told me of 2 jobs coming up in Aruba, but he said "you wouldn't want to go there, because you can only work 2 days a week there at the Hotel and you wouldn't make any money". And then he realized that I'm the only one who could still make money the other days of the week because i'm the only one that works from home. So then he was practically begging me to go. He offered to send Erin and I to Aruba for 10 weeks all expenses paid....and I'd only have to work at the Hotel 2 days a week and then my normal workload when i had time... pretty nice eh??

But It would be from mid July to the end of September.... and Erin is still in school then and couldn't go the whole time. And I couldn't go to my brother's wedding in Washington (now the end of August instead of the end of December). So... do I stay or do i go?? This is my chance to live it up on a Caribbean Island ..... and help my company get out of a rut and also guarantee some job security for a while longer.

Here are some pictures i found online to try and help make my decision......

17 miles north of Venezuela

Cacti and exotic looking umbrella things

Water so clear you can see dark spots!!

Natural pool you can snorkel in...

And a natural rock bridge.... And then forever in life I could say i took a ten week vaction in Aruba. Maybe i'd love it so much Erin would move down and we'd start a jet ski rental place and you all could just come down and visit us and stay with us.... Bermuda Bahama come on pretty mama.


Lorilee said...

Wow! If you could swing it, I'd say do it. You only live once...and when the kids start a coming, traveling does take a back burner. Go for it!

Mirien said...

What a tough one. It sounds like a great adventure. But it could get lonely if Erin couldn't stay the whole time and we'd miss you at the wedding. On the other hand, it looks like a tropical paradise, and you'd get paid for being there. What is Mitchell gonna choose?

Erin said...

one is the loneliest number

you will miss Morgy's wedding

you might forget what your wife looks like

no free back massages

limited communication

you will miss Barb's birthday


a free 2 week honeymoon to the Caribbean

my alarm won't wake you up at 3:15 am

you could win points w/ the boss

no more watermelon cottage cheese smoothies

you would have constant work for 10 weeks

i won't be there to eat all the muffins when
you make them

nice tan

Nancy and Craig said...

Watermelon cottage cheese smoothies? hmmm... That is a hard decision- but I think I agree with Lorilee. What an opportunity!

merathon said...

can't you tell your boss you'll do it if you can fly back for morgan's wedding?