Lowe Lollapalooza

Can I just begin by saying I have never participated in a family reunion of this magnitude? Past family reunions on my side of the family have consisted of a picnic .. or maybe a two day get together ... but nothing like this. Thumbs up Lowe family. Thumbs up.

The morning began with a hike in Provo

One fatal step = domino effect. I'm sure we ruined many a family's plans for a quiet 4th of July morning hike. We apologize greatly for the massive Lowe stampede on the trail that morning

Highly recommend the Stewart Falls Hike in Provo Canyon ... not too strenuous, gorgeous scenery and the waterfall isn't half bad either.

Following the hike we went tubing down the Provo river ... along with 5 billion other people who were waiting in line for their turn. You wouldn't think just floating down a river would be much fun ... think again. Killer fun.

Burned, wet, bruised and battered

The Lowe family is famous for their yeast root beer. Not my cup of tea

Xander a.k.a. "Ziggy" appointed me as his best friend at the family dinner that night. He pulled me over to a field to "play."

We watched the older boys play a little ball ...

Ziggy and I had all kinds of wonderful conversations that night. Topics of conversation:
Why is Santa so fat?
Who can jump higher, Spiderman or Superman?
Why don't you have any kids?
He even personally invited me to his birthday bash for next year
F.Y.I.: Monette, if you happen to read this ... Xander would like some LONG lincoln logs for Christmas this year, he has plenty of the short ones. (i'm sure that his mind is bound to change before December) He also said Santa actually listened to him last year and did an excellent job.

We then were supposed to head over to watch the Draper fireworks as a family ... Mitchell and I ended up parking in some church parking lot a little distance away due to the insane traffic

Sunday = family bonding and a little program

Monday night: Provo Canyon FHE

All in all, I really enjoyed the Lowe jamboree. I even learned a fun little song that was stuck in my head for days


merathon said...

1. it is not root beer-- it is BEER. it's all a big scam!

2. just reading that you learned a fun little song made it get stuck in MY head all over again!

3. i believe the proper term is "lowelapalooza"!

4. no jumping in this post?

5. or breadmaking? :)

Franklin Times said...

Nothin' like a good family reunion! We are headed to one Wed. at Lava Hot Springs. Hope it is as successful as yours! Good times :)

loveland9 said...

Hey, I'm glad to hear someone that's up for more than a meal reunion. Lor and I laugh about that all the time. Are you in for the reunion next summer if we get one planned?

Erin said...

Count us in. Mitchell and I are all over that like stink on a monkey

Anna said...

Haha. You still have your "Hecho en Mexico" shirt! Me too!

Church Family said...

Erin--it was so great to have you there! I loved it that all my brothers brought their new wives/almost wives to the reunion. You fit in perfectly! Thanks for being a good sport.