More Chins than a Chinese phonebook

Congrats to my parents who celebrated 28 big ones this past weekend. So to celebrate, what do they do? They invite us to go out to eat. We won't complain.

Obviously still in the honeymoon phase... giddy and infatuated with one another

When we get together ... it can be pretty unpredictable .... let's have a "see who can have the most chins" contest. Chin contest tip: you must contort your mouth in ways you never thought possible in order too achieve maximum chinage.

side chins count as 2

Oh shoot.... my mom is gonna kill me for this one.
I will attest ... my mother doesn't look even remotely close to this in real life.

I think my dad gets tired of our shenanigans.


Mirien said...

Oh, Jan. You are such a good sport! So who won?

Melayna said...

Now here's a contest I got a shot at. Next time we're together, I'm all over this . . . :-)

Marliese said...

Be careful...with a title like this post has, you could get in trouble for racial slurring, right Mitchell?

You guys are too funny! Sounds like the fun never stops at your house.

Natster said...

You're dad may get tired of them, but I say keep them coming. They keep me entertained. :) Sanks. (translation: "thanks" with a lisp)

made sweet said...

i can't even tell you how happy this blog makes me. your family is so cool.

Mitchell said...

Mirien- I think its pretty obvious who won.

Melayna- Thanks for the comments, i'm glad i bring that out in you, and its harder than it looks.

Marliese- Erin wrote this one, not me. Sorry if i offended any of your diverse New Yorker friends

And to everyone --- I'm glad you enjoyed it. We love the comments, its part of what makes blogging fun.

aunt jan said...

No, no really, that's the way I look all the time. That's why I won the contest. For my everyday look I really have to struggle to keep my face from doing the triple chin. It was such a relief to just let it go for a change....