Coffee Cake Blunder

Day Two of Mitchell's Birthday: Mitchell loves coffee cake. I thought I would be a good wife and bake up a pan for breakfast. I made Mitchell promise me that he would stay in bed until I had breakfast all made. I started to bake away ... I began adding the wheat flour (or so I thought) ... thought it looked slightly odd but continued with the process. I took the cake out ... and it sure looked dark, dense and flat. It wasn't until later that day that Mitchell and I put the pieces of the puzzle together ... I had used RYE flour instead of wheat. Rye coffee cake. Nice one Erin.

288 months old

I went over to my parent's house earlier in the week so I could create a wonderful cake surprise. And wonderful it was. I present to you ... rodent cake.

Mitchell's birthday party was action packed... wore my dad right out.


Karey said...

hahaha! Rodent cake! You're amazing, Erin! Happy Birthday Mitchell!

The Dahle Family said...

Rye coffee cake. Hmm. What's the verdict: edible or not? Speakin' o' rye, have you tried your very own Artisan Rye to make cucumber sandwiches yet?

aunt jan said...

Now folks, my husband looks dead, but he is only mostly dead. Quite a lively guy when he's awake. We loved the rodent cake, completely covered with little mouse droppings. Yum.

made sweet said...

the rodent cake is amaaaaazing!!!

Mirien said...

I love that cake, Erin! Maybe you're the one to ask, cake queen that you are. Jillian is having a backyard campout party on her birthday and I'm trying to decide on a campy sort of cake. Any suggestions? I was thinking a giant s'more looking thing but haven't figured out how to pull that off.

Marliese said...

The rodent cake...repulsive, yet stunning. I am once again impressed. You have a lot to live up to now, Erin. Your future children are in for some awesome birthday surprises.

Mitch--Go FDNY!