Feeding the Hungry

Mitchell's bread making frenzy + our getting tired of only eating bread = a near death experience. As I walk to class I can't help but notice the many ducks on campus. I see cute little children feeding these ducks and secretly I have always wanted to do the same. Mitchell and I were left tonight with not too much on our agendas ... wide open ..... so we grabbed one of our hundred loaves and ran across campus to the duck pond.

It all began very innocently... a few ducks here ... a few ducks there ...

Mitchell eventually had to put a mote between him and the hungry beasts .... and then all heck broke loose ....

A mean pack of geese surrounded us. Hissing and squawking filled the air. I was honeslty scared for our lives. I was convinced they would attack our faces and disfigure us for life.

Us vs. the geese
It was a fight to the death ... and we were left standing in the end.

If we learned anything from this night it would be ... never go to the duck pond without your trusty beekeeper suit.


aunt jan said...

Just hope those ducks knew they were fed designer, artisan bread. Did you check to make sure they were gourmet ducks? I think the lack of manners on their part showed their true colors: common park ducks.

Kelly Muys Wood said...

This post is hilarious!